Connect with our local chapter:
During the COVID-19 challenge, we feel it is important to continue to reach out to our HD community family members and stay in touch as much as possible.  Your HD community social workers, Marji Dewald and Dawn Magid, continue to be available to you by phone.  While we had to cancel our March group, we would like to start meeting again monthly, starting in April.  These virtual meetings will take place over the phone, so no one is left out who does not have a computer or the internet.  We have decided to combine our Tucson and Phoenix support group, as this gives us a nice opportunity to get to know one another before our fall family retreat together. 

Our April meeting will be held on Sunday, April 19th, from 2-4 pm.   
Marji Dewald will be facilitating this meeting.
Call-In #:   800-882-3610        Participant Code:  8991562

Our May meeting will be held on Thursday, May 21st, from 6-8pm. 
Dawn Magid will be facilitating this meeting
Call-In #:   800-882-3610        Participant Code:  8991562

If you have any questions about these meetings, please call Dawn Magid at 602-406-6215